Billboard On Wheels

Be your own advertising agency

Vehicle wrapping, billboards on wheels, carvertising -- when you wrap your commercial vehicle, you take control of your message. The Nissan Commercial Graphics program will help you give your Nissan NV commercial van a personal touch while promoting your company, products and services at the same time. Wrap your NV with attention-grabbing logo and graphics. Using an online tool, you can decide to simply upload your business' insignia or create something from scratch.

The need to advertise your business

Advertising is the 'must-do' marketing medium that gets your business in front of your target customers. Because business is mostly local, it is necessary to find ways of advertising your business to the local market without breaking the bank. Placing a billboard ad on a major highway through an agency can be astronomically expensive. Apart from the high cost, other conventional advertising media may not get you the local impressions and business volume that a wrapped mobile vehicle can.

Conventional vs innovative advertising

For your business advertising to be effective, it must have multiple and on-going impressions on your target customers. We've all heard the experts say that a radio or TV spot must be heard or seen a certain number of times before the listener/viewer even registers what is be sold by the spot. Also, with the advent of the Internet, print advertising (newspaper, magazine, etc.) are no longer as effective as they used to be because a high percentage of consumers now turn to the Internet first to start their search for products and services they want to purchase in their local communities. A wrapped commercial vehicle wrap is the perfect way to send customers to your website.

Billboard On Wheels

Here are some statistics to consider

  • An independent study performed by American Trucking Association (ATA) and 3M Commercial Graphics Division, revealed that
    • a single vehicle wrap that traveled in or around a major city generated over 65,000 visual impressions per day
    • the same vehicle wrap when traveled in suburban areas of major cities generated over 30,000 visual impressions per day
  • The study also revealed that people/customers who viewed the vehicle wrap had the following impressions:
    • 98% of consumers feel fleet graphics created a positive image for the advertising company
    • 96% said fleet graphics (wrapped vehicles) had more impact than billboards or other outdoor advertising media
    • 91% of all people notice the words and images displayed on vehicle graphics
    • 75% of consumers develop an impression about a company and its products based upon vehicle graphics
  • According to the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), mobile advertising can be the most effective and cost efficient form of outdoor advertising with a lower cost per mile.
  • Always on. Unlike radio, print, or television advertising which can be turned off, vehicle advertising is perpetually on. You are always advertising your business -- even when your Nissan NV commercial van is parked in a private driveway or in front of your business.
  • Advertise at places where you otherwise could not due to cost limitations for your business: For example, trade shows, conventions, and grand openings. Simple arrive in your wrapped Nissan NV commercial van and right away you are already advertising to attendees.

Billboard On Wheels

Nissan NV is ready to work for your business

Whether your business purchases the Nissan NV Standard Roof or Nissan NV High Roof, you have ample space to create captivating vehicle wraps that will give your business maximum exposure to your customers as you drive around town.

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